The Harlem River Working Group (HRWG) is a group of community organizations, governmental agencies and other commercial stakeholders, focused on improving environmental quality and access to and along the Harlem River — from the Randall’s Island to the Hudson River in Bronx County, New York City.

Formed in 2009, we have met monthly to organize and develop goals to ensure that a green corridor is established along as much of the length of the Harlem as possible, with habitat buffer, bike and walking path greenways and river access points.

We meet monthly to discuss all things about the Harlem River, its waterfront, our greenway.

There are two reports:

Bronx, Meet your Waterfront Plan  This link describes the processes and ideas generated by students and faculty of the 2011 Site and Environmental Systems Planning practicum at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, School of Architecture + Planning at MIT.

The Harlem River Greenway: Our River, Our Future  This plan was sponsored by  The Trust for Public Landl; the Harlem River Working Group (HRWG); the Pratt Center for Community Development, Pratt Programs for Sustainable Planning & Development, Spring 2012 Sustainable Communities Studio; National Park Service Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance; NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service—Restoration Center; the J.M. Kaplan Fund; and Partnerships for Parks.

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Email:  harlemriver@bceq.org  or Facebook: www.facebook.com/harlemriver